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is set to, it’ll use the SQL generated in the filter.This page is an explanation of using the Meta tag to prevent caching, by browser or proxy, of an individual page wherein the page in question has data that may be of a sensitive nature as in a "form page for submittal" and the creator of the page wants to make sure that the page does not get submitted twice. Note: I do not de-cache my guestbook nor my links page, as below, anymore because it causes too much extra traffic to the site. The best advice now with the problems of IE since v5 is you can only decache POST and not GET.cache: A program's local store of response messages and the subsystem that controls its message storage, retrieval, and deletion. IE does not honor decaching a GET If a person hits the back button, 90% of the time (depends on browser compatibility and to some extent the server) the page in question would not be cached.

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To disable browser cache, you can use: to tailor some website functionalities.

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