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31-Aug-2017 11:03

You must ask your person of interest these question before entering into a courtship with them.

Too often when our feelings get involved we are willing to compromise on things that shouldn’t be compromised. There are some wonderful men and women out there who have been divorced, some multiple times, who you may want to marry, but unless their marriage has been granted nullity by the Church, you can’t marry them and have it recognized as legitimate.

As usual, he was able to distill what he learned from his own experience into some really powerful advice for any new converts whose spouses don’t share their faith.

It was too good not to share, so with his permission I’m posting his advice in case others may find it helpful.

It seems that whenever I try to be a good Catholic and Christian I get accused of being a “party pooper” or “holy roller”.

I feel down about all this and could use some words of encouragement. But the topic still nagged at me, and after re-reading the email I sent I realized that my advice probably wasn’t going to be that helpful. (who recently had some great thoughts on another subject here and here) had been in this very situation in his own marriage, so I emailed him to ask what he thought.

Through them, I was introduced to the world of Catholicism – it was mysterious, sensual, and completely foreign to me.How do you deal with things like attending church or, more importantly, raising children?

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