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The lunisolar Chinese calendar was introduced to Japan via Korea in the middle of the sixth century.

The nengō system remains in wide use, especially on official documents and government forms.But what never crosses her mind is the intense historical antagonism between Japan and her native China dating back to World War II."Most people are totally ambivalent about this," said Zhang, 32, who works for a Japanese company in Shanghai and visited the country for the first time in February, as a tourist."Some people say they won't buy Japanese products or go to Japan, but these people are in the minority."Chinese tourists have been flocking to Japan, drawn by loosening tourist visa restrictions and a favorable currency exchange rate that has enabled shopping sprees.Where Yesterday Meets Tomorrow The dating of antiques and collectibles can be a very tricky business.

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One guideline to help you guess age can be the country of origin. Before 1890, items imported into the United States were not required to contain a mark showing the country of origin.But in 1873, as part of Japan's Meiji period modernization, a calendar based on the solar Gregorian calendar was introduced.