Dns is not updating from dhcp server Sex vieod chat whitout sining up

04-Oct-2017 16:41

dns is not updating from dhcp server-21

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If you're waiting on DNS scavenging, there's no fast way to do it.

Just let it ride until you're seeing id 2501 events in the DNS Server event logs.

In additon, hosts can change the records and then become the owner of the record.

We have multiple hosts as of late that sucessfully pull a DHCP address and are domain machines that there is no A record being created for the host.

Now the problem comes when I also enable DHCP on the router so that clients can get an Internet connection when the Server is down.

You can approach this by manually forcing the clients to check in.

You might be able to do this by tweaking some group policy settings, or by running a script to bulk "ipconfig /registerdns" on a bunch of clients.

And are they configured to send DNS updates in their network adapter settings?

Is there any reason you wouldn't just have the router provide DHCP at all times?

I'm afraid that you're going to have to approach this from the client end.