Sophos enterprise console not updating clients furniture liquidating services w

26-Sep-2017 17:13

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You must be a member of at least one sub-estate to run the console.

It appears that uninstalling the old version of the Sophos Enterprise Console, also removed several AD Groups, and possibly the account we used for updating.

Clients get their settings from the SEC after installation, including the critical Auto Update settings.

Now Sophos would have you believe, on the basis of this (woefully outdated) document that you can use Sophos Update Manager for OS X (login required) to simply inject your Auto Update (and other) settings and get a neat, distributable metapackage. Or at least a half-truth in dire need of a shower and shave. Until you try to alter your Auto Update settings on the SEC and distribute them.

This process assumes a reasonable level of familiarity with: Sophos Enterprise Console, basic shell scripting for OS X, Sophos Anti-virus for OS X, and the Casper Suite.

If anything requires clarification, I’m happy to expand. remain together for the installer to correctly configure its connection to the SEC.

After a log off and login I was now getting a different unknown error message, which wasn’t very descriptive, but still couldn’t get into the console so I took a look at the services.

All the services appeared to be running, so I tried restarting the Sophos Management Service and got the following error message.

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Most corporates have got fairly well defined and enforced anti virus policies - for Windows.

Since the policies that you want to apply to Mac machines will be significantly different to PCs I would recommend setting up a dedicated Anti Virus and HIPS policy From the Sophos Enterprise Console Create a new updating policy Adding support for Max OS X devices is relatively straight forward.

Managing them is the same as managing a Windows PC.

Download the 'Sophos Deployment Packager Tool' ( 1.

Browse to `\server\Sophos Update\CIDs\S000\` and copy the SAVSCFXP folder to the folder you created on desktop.

An example for Enterprise Console 4.x is shown below.

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