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Oftentimes, to highlight their signature brooding aura, a Byronic hero will be compared with creatures that have dark, supernatural connotations, with demons, ghosts, and of course, vampires, all being popular choices.

Love Tropes are often involved with this character, but almost always in a very cynical, existential way.

INFOMUSICVille Valo: "În opinia mea, multe trupe își lungesc activitatea prea mult"INFOMUSICDiscutând într-un interviu despre destrămarea trupei HIM, Ville Valo a împărtășit și o opinie personală cu privirea la îndelunga activitate a anumitor trupe.

Fără a da nume, vocalistul a indicat că unele formații nu știu când să-și încheie activitatea, ..more »HIM: "acabou a ereção coletiva", diz Ville Valo sobre fim da banda Whiplash.

Don't hold your breath waiting for The Power of Love to redeem him; these characters are more likely to fall victim to Love Makes You Crazy, Love Makes You Evil, or at the very least Love Hurts.

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This not only shows that his songs actually have meaning, but also that he isn’t afraid to express his feelings. Haha, so this blog really had nothing to do with my other blogs, but I thought it would be a fun blog to post!It’s sort of silly to post a blog about this and it doesn’t have much to do with the rest of my blog, but I’ve been in a really giddy mood about Ville lately, I guess because I’m just now getting over an ex and I’m using Ville as sort of a checklist for the kind of man I want to date. But when he’s healthy and has groomed himself (which is most of the time) he is a very, very attractive man! They’re just so beautiful, and even though I haven’t gone through what many would consider “tragedies” in my life, I can relate to most of the songs one way or another, because they can be interpretted many different ways.Plus, watching videos and looking at pictures of him always make me feel better! There are very many songs and they all range from happy/fun/upbeat (“Right Here in My Arms”), to sad (“Burry Me Deep Inside Your Heart”), to (kind of) angry (“Sigillum Diaboli”), to love songs (“Beautiful”), to sexy (“Heaven Tonight”), a dark and a little bit creepy (“Drown in this Love”), and even inspirational (“Don’t Close Your Heart”). He’s sensitive/emotional/passionate Not only do his songs give this away, but also the way he performs his songs.Vesa Keskisen 50-vuotisbileiden yhteydessä järjestetyn Miljoonarockin huipensi HIM, joka heitti samalla viimeisen festivaalikeikkansa Suomessa. Harnesslink Ville Valo, St Lads Moonwalk share spotlight Harnesslink The co-featured ' Dash for the G Notes' Final went for a purse of ,500 in the sixth race of the night, where Ville Valo romped by six lengths in .3 in a down the road effort.

He was making his fifth start for trainer Richard Johnson since being ...(Team Rock Radio) HIM frontman Ville Valo says the band's next album likely won't arrive before Christmas of next year.Vampires are often written as this kind of character, as a way to romanticize an otherwise disturbing creature.

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